We hold on to what was rather than adapt to new conditions...it is human nature.  There will be sectors that heat up due to the Covid-19 crisis and there will be sectors that stop.  Yiu will see below an article of immediate job openings that need to be filled even as we shut down the economy and all stay home. 

Someone will bill $500,000 or even a million this year.  It will require unique talents and great flexibility but it will happen.  Think about a few tweaks you could make to participate in more of the upside and less of the downside. 

Here are 700,000 open jobs that need filling ASAP
Amazon, Instacart and Walmart are among the big companies seeking workers amid surge in demand during the pandemic.

Read in CBS News: https://apple.news/A36IHcLw9Tn-DmFgE4zW5yg