Posted by Dave Nerz on Feb 23, 2022

While 2021 was an outstanding year for NPAworldwide, I am a firm believer in “you can always do better.” So to that end, we are in the process of making some changes to how we do our work here at NPAworldwide. 

We understand our mission is to help members be effective and assist with revenue growth through splits. I think that every staff member wakes up each morning with that intention in mind. Where we can improve is in the collaboration we seek across the functional borders of our work assignments. We need to have at the root of all decisions the feedback and voice of the membership. Again, we have not been performing poorly, nor do we need to reinvent what we do and how we do it. Rather, we need to tweak the finer points of how we make decisions, set direction, and develop plans.

To be specific, our intentions are to elevate the importance of the Engagement Team (Kelsea Dodd, Marcia Bateman, Liz Carey, and Kristen Davie) in all that we do. This group will now formally take on the role of member retention while adding some Membership Development activities to their focus. We also will leverage the Engagement Team’s knowledge of members in setting plans for communication, meetings, training, and all other aspects of our work in a more direct way than we have in the past. Marcia and Kristen will be supporting Membership Growth (Sarah Freiburger) with targeting initiatives and warming/conversion of prospects. Communication and Events (Veronica Blatt) will have a more collaborative approach that increases the voice of the membership in all that we plan. Kelsea Dodd will be promoted to Manager Engagement, Retention, and Operations. The retention focus is new and Kelsea as Manager will be the go-to interface for feedback from the Engagement Team…ultimately the voice of the membership into all the work we do.

The changes should be imperceptible to you as a member of the network, but these small tweaks should produce better outcomes and interactions with the network that are more in line with your expressed needs.

Please congratulate Kelsea on her promotion and new role. Connect with any staff member to share your thoughts on where NPAworldwide could add value to your membership. We thank you for your support and membership in our member-owned network!