Posted by Nicky P. Anderson on Oct 21, 2020

Dear Nicky,

It is tough sometimes to explain to your clients that you work with NPAworldwide partners and why timely feedback is essential. It is not their reputation on the line with NPA partners, it is mine. Any ideas to help drive this point home?

Waiting in Wayland

Dear Wayland,

Here is a letter that lays it out in easy terms..

Hello Client, 

Thank you for considering _________ as a service provider to your organization.
You may be interested to know that I belong to an elite network of independent recruiting firms called NPAworldwide This network runs very similar to the multi-list service in the real estate world; we openly share candidates and job orders in various geographies and with specialists in different industries. The NPAworldwide network has over 500 firms employing over 1,500 recruiters, which allows me instant access to proven recruiters in many different industries. These NPAworldwide firms are located throughout the world, so we can address both local and international needs that you may have.

Prompt feedback on candidates is essential to my office and my NPAworldwide network partners. If I provide candidates and do not hear back from you in __ days, I will stop working this opening really actively. Is that acceptable to you?

Can you also let me know if you already have a short list of candidates in the pipeline? Also are you working it from your side too or counting exclusively on XXX to fill the position.

I will do my best to secure resumes that fit your requirements; in return, communication and feedback are important.

I look forward to working with you. Please contact me if you require any more information on my firm or my affiliation with NPAworldwide.  If you would like more information on NPAworldwide here is a public site that may help:


send letters to: