Dear Nicky,

I was on a Practice Group call the other day and mentioned a job I have that is not posted to Matchmaker. I did not post as I don’t want to get inundated with candidates that are not a fit. A member on the call mentioned that is not a best practice and to set expectations upfront.

Too Many Candidates in Tilden

Dear Tilly,

Posting records is a great way to let other partners know about the kinds of roles you work, especially newer trading partners who may not have had a chance to otherwise "meet" you. If you're getting too many unqualified candidates, take a look at your job posting to see what you could do differently to reduce those. For example, some members include "screen out" questions to ask candidates, along with an appropriate answer. Make sure your job description really focuses on what the successful candidate can DO, not what the candidate HAS. Use the Notes to Members field to include specifics that you know from the client. If the client will NOT consider anyone from outside the industry, or the person MUST have experience with a particular technology, make sure to spell that out for your partners to let them know candidates without those skills will NOT be considered.

We always advise exporters to contact importers PRIOR to beginning any search activities to ensure nothing has changed regarding the job. This gives both parties the opportunity to ask questions and set expectations regarding suitable candidates, communication, how the work will be shared, timelines and more.

keep posting your records as part of your personal marketing and branding within the network. Drill down on the absolute must-haves and reduce or eliminate clutter or less-important details. You may need to rewrite what you get from the client. Use the Notes to Members field to include screening questions or other information from the client that will help your partners find the best talent. When you receive candidates, provide timely feedback to your partner - if the candidate is not a fit, let them know why and what needs to be different. Happy Hunting!


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