We are pleased to announce the creation of two new specialty groups within NPAworldwide. 

Fintech |  As most recruiters and business entrepreneurs know only too well, money is only one of many scarce resources. In addition to our clients re-evaluating budgets, shelter-in-place is creating a new remote reality for many of our candidates. The crisis has proven that digital services are the future. Banks have eliminated in-person services in major urban centers. However, for almost every financial in-person service lost, there is a fintech solution. It is almost certain that the fintech vertical will be a lucrative force for good. This group will involve a discussion about both traditional technology needs within our network in addition to discussion about new technology like blockchain. With so much innovation and opportunity in place, hopefully this group will help us learn from each other. In turn, this enables us to quickly understand and satisfy each of our clients' technical resource requirements.

Michael Yahkind is the owner of Technical Paradigm, tech contributor for Shift_The_Paradigm, a speaker at various tech conferences including Microsoft Ignite Chicago and TCnewTech, and a regular guest on recruitment podcasts such as CruitGroup and PeopleMaximizers. Technical Paradigm was recently featured on Startup Recruiter and Medium as the “recruiting company you should know.” Mike got involved with Fintech as a recruiter, investor, and enthusiast in 2015. At the time, he was the Director of IT Talent for a large staffing firm in Chicago, and he observed fintech companies sprouting up left and right. The following year, Michael spearheaded a managed staffing project responsible for the first institutional trade transaction via blockchain. The relationships he formed with talent in blockchain, machine learning, and predictive analytics helped him launch. 

Energy  |  Renewables are quickly becoming one of the most plentiful and cheapest sources of electricity. While 840 million people live without electricity and the increasing pressure of global warming, Clean Energy Investment Is Set to Hit $2.6 Trillion this Decade.

This Energy group will not be a typical jobs v candidate monthly call. The idea is to share industry news, form global partnerships that can attribute to shared business, ultimately splitting fees.

Melanie Johnson of Sunrock Recruitment is an international headhunter in the renewable energy industry based in London, UK. As a dual British - South African citizen where one in five people in the world lives without electricity, her mission is to be a part of a movement of positive environmental change. Her typical clients are renewable energy impact investors. Being a 100% female-minority owned business, she is an ambassador for women in energy.  She believes that trusted partnerships are the only way forward as globalization and automation became the fourth revolution. She enjoys traveling with her 8-year old daughter, and whenever there is music, you are sure to find her on the dance floor.