The future of face-to-face meetings around the world is unknown. We all long for the opportunity to meet with friends, family and business associates as we once did. While we are unsure of when travel will return to pre-Covid levels, we are planning for that day. Certainly the discovery of an effective vaccine will allow the world some increased comfort and perhaps the ability to travel and meet again.  Let’s hope the vaccine arrives sooner rather than later and is both safe and effective.  

NPAworldwide was contracted with a hotel for April 2021 in Ft. Worth, Texas. With the uncertainty around travel and the safety of face-to-face interaction in large numbers, we asked the hotel to amend our contract to April 7-9, 2022. The contract was successfully executed just last week! We hope you will plan to join us in Ft. Worth, Texas in April of 2022. Consider setting aside funds to make this happen as your business results improve. If you manage a team, now is a great time to use this meeting as a reward for targets achieved in 2021.  
We look forward to seeing you soon. As conditions become safe, we will investigate options to gather sooner than April of 2022, but we really hope to see you in Ft. Worth 2022!