Case #1

TRUE or FALSE: A direct client/agency or candidate/agency relationship is required prior to submitting job orders/assignments or candidates to a trading partner.

The correct answer is True.

Posting jobs from job boards or 3-way splits where you have no client relationship is not permitted.

Case #2

Your long-time client has just informed you that you must submit candidates to them through the Bounty Jobs portal. You post the jobs to Matchmaker and work your exporter candidates as normal not telling them you need to pay a Bounty %.

A.You are within your rights to work your client as you please

B.This is not allowed in NPAworldwide

The correct answer is B. You are in violation of NPAworldwide rules – not only do you need to inform any exporter BEFORE you work their candidate of the terms of your client fee agreement, but you also cannot put Bounty jobs into Matchmaker and/or the NPA Job Board.

ANY time a restrictive contract is in place (VMS or other), you must first communicate the full meaning of the terms of the contract to the member supplying the candidate or detail the conditions in the Matchmaker posting. Failure to do so could obligate a member to payment of a fee equal to that listed on the member’s published fee schedule in the event of the affiliate’s candidate obtaining employment with the client, even if you are not compensated by the client.

Communication Standards
While NPAworldwide cannot prescribe a rigid internal routine for the handling of positions and candidates, it is critical that all members subscribe to certain conventions with regard to the exchange of information about candidates and positions, as well as certain policies and guidelines regarding that information. The policies are described in detail in the Operations Manual, Section A. Policies and cover the specific requirement of the bylaws.

In addition to the specific requirements, there is also a “spirit” of the network that is more difficult to prescribe. As a cooperative, members should fully embrace the cooperative spirit. There are instances when a member will have to decide whether to act merely to the requirement or to operate in the cooperative spirit. Members should work to treat trading partners with the same level of respect, courtesy, and professionalism extended to their very best clients.