Posted by Jason Elias on Sep 24, 2020
Marketers love a TLA (three letter acronym). My favourite is USP- what is your “unique selling proposition?”

In a job short market, every new job brief counts. How do you assure you get the role in a crowded market? What differentiates your service from other agencies? What makes you ”unique?”

Well we all have one in common USP - our membership of NPAworldwide. We can tell our clients about our amazing geographic reach. We can attract candidates from Beijing to Baltimore and Brisbane to Buenos Aires and Berlin to Bali. We also have industry specialists across all sectors from agribusiness to accounting.

We also have exclusive access to thousands of candidates through the NPAworldwide Job Board and Matchmaker.

Clients are often impressed when I say we will be prepared to share our fee just to make sure they get the best candidate on the market. This is unique - who else can offer that?

To make sure you make the most of NPA, visit NPA Central and select Home>Documents to get started, or look here in the Marketing Materials folder. You'll find logos, flyers, social media images, video links, and more to help you leverage your membership with clients.

Happy splitting.