Posted by Dave Nerz on May 11, 2020
I’m sure most of you have processes that you follow whenever you have staff departures. If updating NPAworldwide is not part of your regular departure process, please make sure that happens going forward. If you are not keeping your staff list updated in Matchmaker, you run the risk of former recruiters still having active logins.
They could still have active candidate or job alerts getting forwarded to a personal account. Owners are responsible for ensuring there is no inappropriate access to members’ data. This includes ensuring that former recruiters do not have the ability to log in to our private, members-only databases. Here is a quick reminder:
  • If you have a staff member who has been furloughed, laid off, or is otherwise on a temporary leave, turn off their Matchmaker access and visibility. This will ensure they do not get search alerts, appear in search results, or have other partners trying to contact them. Additionally for these situations, please send an email to Liz Carey, so that she can disable their access to NPA Central as well.
  • If you have a staff member who has left your firm and will NOT be returning, please DELETE that record via Matchmaker. Make sure to carefully follow the on-screen prompts regarding candidates, jobs, and placement activity for the departed recruiter. This process will automatically notify NPAworldwide staff so that we can also remove them from the NPA Central database.
There can be stiff financial penalties levied upon a member-owner if a current or former staff member accesses another member’s proprietary information via unauthorized use of our databases. All owners are accountable to each other to ensure this does not happen.
Please contact any member of the Engagement Team for assistance.