Have you heard the phrase, “time is money” or “stay close to the money?” I would argue that time might be our most valuable commodity. This naturally begs the question why volunteer if you are not getting paid?


I can only speak for myself but volunteering in NPA and other organizations has always provided great value to me personally. Here are five benefits that I’ve received from volunteering.

  1. Form Deeper Connections. I have developed relationships and friendships and deeper connections within my communities through volunteering. On the personal side, these life-long friendships are priceless. This involvement has also led to deeper business relationships with many people and organizations leading directly to business opportunities as well as other professional enrichment.
  2. Being Part of Something Larger. I spent the first half of my career in leadership with a large global company. Moving to a very small practice was awesome but I missed being part of something larger than my immediate surroundings. I’ve appreciated the opportunity to connect with peers and continue to develop my leadership skills along with everything I love about owning a small business.
  3. Provides Balance/Well-Being. I have witnessed many recruiters invest everything in this roller coaster ride of running a desk. While this is a good equation for making money, it is also a recipe for burn out. Volunteering provides a distraction and vehicle to invest some time into helping for a greater cause. Helping fellow NPAworldwide members be more successful or get more out of their membership is rewarding. I also get renewed from attending our conferences and reconnecting with fellow members.
  4. Learning and Growth. As a volunteer leader I’ve been the beneficiary of being mentored and learning from many great leaders within our network. I carry and draw from many of these attributes every day. I was a trading group leader under Doug Stone and I still draw back on his leadership today.  I have been influenced by too many people to mention within our network both from a business and personal standpoint. This is priceless.
  5. Becoming Better Known. Volunteering within NPAworldwide will help you become more known to more people. The pay-off might not be immediate but becoming more known will pay benefits in the future. I believe you are increasing your current investment of the network by volunteering.
    I hope to see you volunteer your time for the purposes of improving our collective success. It might be what former longtime member Doug Stone called a “small bite” where you are helping on a committee or it might be an Area Leader or Practice Group Leader role. Nothing worthwhile happens quickly but I believe over time you will see that you see great returns from volunteering.