Dear Nicky,

I took up the challenge and asked my existing clients about their international recruitment needs. To my pleasant surprise they gave me some open positions to work. What’s next so that I get this right for my client and my NPAworldwide partners?

Flummoxed in Fiji

Dear Flummoxed,

As with any position, you need to do some homework to make sure you get it right. You need to understand that international locations have different market conditions than your local domestic markets and the employer must get on board with those differences. A 15% fee in North America will not get you a partner to fill the job. 25% is standard. In some locales, benefits are different and a job with no benefits comparable to what is provided in the local market will net you zero candidates or partners to work with. In the EU, more jobs are worked as retained, so a purely contingent job will get little attention. Do your research before locking in on the offer/opening presented to partners.


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