Dear Nicky,

I work IT but I recently noticed my good client has a lot of open accounting jobs. I have never filled an  accounting role. I hear members on the Practice Group calls say to take the jobs and count on your partners to fill them. Really?? I'm not sure I even know how to properly qualify the jobs.

Springport Specialist

Dear Specialist,

Yes, really. Belonging to NPAworldwide means you can more easily expand your client service by relying on your partners' expertise. Start with one job outside your normal area and ask your client if you can take a shot at it. Some members invite a partner to participate in a conference call with the client to qualify the opening and showcase the power and strength of the network. This way, you'll have someone helping you qualify the role AND the client gains some comfort that you can actually deliver results for a different type of position. Jim Lyons from LH International has had some success doing this - he will tell you it's found money. AND it's another way to keep a good client close instead of letting them look for new/different/other recruitment firms.

It's a new year, so it's the perfect time to try some new approaches. Good luck!


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