Dear Nicky,

I'm an exporter and will REALLY need to rely on my NPAworldwide partners to help me get through this cycle. I know there are still jobs to be filled! What advice do you have for me so I can minimize wasted time?

Headhunting in Hadley

Dear Hadley,

The NUMBER ONE piece of advice that I can offer is to make sure you connect with the importer BEFORE you commence any recruiting activity. You want to find out if the job is still open, how are interviews being handled, will there be a delayed start date ... in addition to the "normal" stuff like if there are currently any candidates being interviewed, do they have an in-house candidate they want to promote, have any of the job details (salary, remote work) changed, etc.

There is nothing worse than spending time developing candidates only to find out the role is on hold or already filled. Don't waste your valuable time on ANY recruiting activities until you have had a conversation with the importer.


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